Approximately 50% of clients seeking treatment from our residential programs are homeless...

Advisory Services

In addition to its direct services, the California Hispanic Commission also provides a range of organizational support services. Our capabilities in these areas are described in the subsections below.

Needs Assessment
Needs assessment is an area that is often undersubscribed by public and private agencies. CHCADA provides needs assessment through a number of mechanisms:

• Under contract with Los Angeles County, CHCADA completes assessments of approximately 1500 clients per month through the SPA7 Community Assessment and Service Center.
• Through the SPA7 CASC, CHCADA assesses the needs of General Relief, Cal-Works, Alcohol and Drug Programs, Department of Mental Health, and Proposition 36 clients.
• CHCADA, in all of its other programs, utilizes multiple instruments to triangulate fi ndings from the State—adopted Addiction Severity Index;
• In its WIA program, CHCADA utilizes multiple instruments to asses the work readiness levels of youth;
• CHCADA continually assesses and tracks the programs of its mental health services clients;
• Utilizing alternative measures of family functioning, CHCADA assesses the needs of families;
• CHCADA completes multivariate analysis of intake data in order to
assess the needs of alternative subpopulations as these needs affect outcomes; • CHCADA assesses the needs of key subgroups by holding focus groups and small group discussions;
• CHCADA conducts organizational audits through observation and in-depth data analysis in order to assess needs; and
• CHCADA provides referral and assessment services to address individual needs identifi ed.

Technical Assistance and Training
Another area of support which CHCADA offers is technical assistance and training.
• Under contract to the State of California, CHCADA provides technical assistance and training to current and prospective substance abuse and/or mental health treatment providers throughout the State of California.
• Under contract to SAMSHA, CHCADA provides training and technical assistance to faith-based organizations in California, Texas, and Arizona in order to expand participation and the delivery of substance abuse services.
• CHCADA has provided program design and startup to more than 175 community-based organizations nationwide.
• CHCADA provides outreach and engagement support to organizations throughout the State of California.

Research Evaluation and Policy Analysis
CHCADA is the only community-based organization in the State of California that includes a fully staffed research, evaluation, and program development division. Through this Division, CHCADA:
• Tracks and responds to current and proposed policies;
• Assesses its own service delivery outcomes and those of each infrastructure in which it delivers services;
• Completes meta-analyses of the literature in key areas; • Provides substantial planning and response development; and
• Analyze large databases and prepares reports as a part of a quality loop.