Approximately 50% of clients seeking treatment from our residential programs are homeless...

Direct Services

CHCADA provides services in a broad range of areas. Some of our current programs are briefl y described in the subsections below.

Substance Abuse Treatment/Recovery Services: Outpatient
Whether substance abuse emerges as a means of coping with situational problems, or as a stabilizing force within a dysfunctional family, the California Hispanic Commission provides a full range of substance abuse assessment, treatment, referral and other services on an outpatient basis. Several of our current adult outpatient substance abuse treatment recovery services are listed below. As the brief program descriptions imply,

CHCADA offers specialized outpatient treatment services to address the needs of specific groups.

• General outpatient services.
• Through our Orange County site, La Familia, CHCADA offers comprehensive outpatient treatment/recovery services to Latinos in the County of Orange. We provide more than 9,000 units of service per year on this contract.
• CHCADA is also currently contracted to provide general outpatient substance abuse treatment services to Latinos in Solano County and in Los Angeles County.

Specialized Criminal Justice System Outpatient
Adult Treatment/Recovery Services

CHCADA is particularly experienced in working in partnership with the criminal justice system. Though these relationships, we provide mandated treatment to several subpopulations. Thus, CHCADA is familiar with the process of working in tandem with judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, probation offi cers, and other key persons in transitioning substance users into a drug-free, crime-free life.

• CHCADA provides outpatient treatment through the Los Angeles County Drug Court.
• CHCADA also provides outpatient services to substance users in San Gabriel Valley and in East Los Angeles through two Proposition 36 contracts.
• Additionally, through our site, the Latino Family Center in Solano County, we offer a specialized mix of outpatient services to Proposition 36 clients.

All of our Proposition 36 and Drug Court outpatient services include intensive components that are designed to not only avert drug use but deter criminal behavior as well. Residential Substance Abuse Recovery Programs A number of clients will have, based upon the intensity of substance use and the absence of environmental conditions to support treatment, a greater chance of long-term recovery through residential treatment. CHCADA offers a number of residential treatment programs to our clients, approximately 50% of whom are homeless. Our residential treatment programs include each program listed below: • Latinas Transition Home is a six-bed residential facility for women located at 2024 New Jersey Street in Los Angeles.

• Latinos, located at 2436 Wabash Avenue in Los Angeles, is a six-bed alcohol residential program for men.
• Mujeres is a six bed residential facility for women. It is located at 530 North Avenue 54 in Los Angeles.
• Unidos is a 45-bed facility for adult males in Orange County; • Serenidad is a center for pregnant women and women with young children located at 5331 W. San Delarro in Los Angels;
• Casa Elena is a six-bed facility for women in Orange County. We also offer residential services to Cal-Works men and women, Proposition 36 adult men and women, and Cal-Works and General Relief men and women through more than 12 residential facilities with more than 100 beds. Thus, CHCADA brings an abundance of experience in the delivery of residential substance abuse treatment.

Family Support Services
Past and present relationships play a critical role in substance abuse. Thus, CHCADA’s work in substance abuse prevention and treatment quickly expanded to include support to families made fragile through violence, substance abuse, and other dysfunctional behaviors.

Current programs include:
• In Orange County, CHCADA provides monitored visitation and transportation so that parents seeking re-unification can visit with their children in a safe environment;

• In Orange County, CHCADA, though the Family Court, also offers an Access to Visitation program for parents separated from their children;
• CHCADA also provides Serenidad–a six bed transitional home for women and children who experience family violence;
• In Sacramento, CHCADA offers services for homeless women and children through Caldera, an eight bed transition center;